About me

hello, my name is hannah and welcome to mercurybeing!

what is mercurybeing?

my business ideas arose naturally to me, espeically the emodiment that i wished to express. communication and intellect were (and are) important tools that i use to continously expand my knowledge and connect to my divine path. therefore, mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, was this energy i was called to focus in on and share ♡

throughout my life, my cleverness and knowledge were energies i always valued, which led me to my path of spirituality and divination. i have been practicing divination for almost 4 years now and have stayed connected to my intuiton almost all of my life. to me, it is an honor to provide you with deep knowledge of your path and your energy, along with information on the intermingling forces around you. 

♡ your path is sacred - let's connect ♡

i am an energy healer and divination practioner here to help you embody your highest self and you true essence. it is my goal to provide you insight on your healing journey through tarot cards, oracle cards, intuitive messages, and many other rich resources. 

i am clairsentient and claircognant, meaning that during divination and energy sessions, the energy flows through my senses of feeling and knowing. the messages i recieve are gusts of energy and feeling that allows me to connect and feel insight at a deeper level. 

art is a large part of my identity, too. creation is a practice of mine that i use to dig deeper into my psyche and discover new outlets of my creativity. the goal of my art is to embody the turbulenece of life along with the beautiful moments this journey provides us, truly showcasing mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 

you can connect with me by exploring my website, sending me an email, or following my instagram.

♡ ♡ ♡

you have immense power, potential, and meaning on this earth, but now it is whether or not you tap into your power to discover this source. remember; this source never runs out. 

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